Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Hannah Pet Friends having Fun with Free Pet Photos

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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Recent Yelps about Hannah the Pet Society

9432 SW Washington Square Rd
Tigard, OR 97223

5.0 star rating

Hannah has offered excellent service and vet care for our husky mix over these past two years. This became more important when he started showing signs of epilepsy a few months ago. It is frightening to think what his care and medication would have cost otherwise.  

The staff is always friendly, very professional, and have worked hard to help manage my pet's condition. Thank you Hannah!

A little more than 3 months ago, my partner and I decided to adopt a six year old Jack Russell terrier (who we named Fritz) from a local animal shelter. When we adopted Fritz, the shelter explained that we would be his fourth set of owners...all of his previous owners shut him away for most of the day and abandoned him at a shelter when he refused to sit quietly in a room by himself all day.

We joined Hannah several days after taking Fritz home, and it turned out to be one of the best things we ever did. 

From the moment we signed up, the care we have received from Hannah's friendly, professional staff has been exemplary. It became clear several weeks after his adoption that Fritz suffers from an anxiety disorder that was causing him to have melt downs and lash out at other dogs (due to treatment by previous owners). When we told the staff at Hannah what was going on, they sprung into action. 

Hannah's team of behaviorist, trainers, and doctors has been working with Fritz (and us) tirelessly, and the results have been remarkable. Fritz has gone from a nervous wreck to a happy, rambunctious, and confident companion.

Although every person at Hannah has exceeded our expectations, there are two staff members that have really gone out of their way for us. Denise, the leader of Fritz's obedience class, has the patience and kindness of a saint. Her knowledge of dog behavior and training techniques has been invaluable. Her classes are well-organized, effective, and fun. Nelly, the office manager, always has a smile on her face, and she makes navigating Hannah's many services a breeze.  If not for Hannah, Fritz's life would be very different. 

All of Fritz's medical care, training, and specialist visits have not cost us anything more than our monthly fee. It's a great relief to know that Fritz's health and behavioral needs will always be taken care of, and we never have to worry about the cost.  

Tyler V, Portland, OR

5.0 star rating10/25/2016


I brought my dog, Pepper, in this morning with tears in my eyes since she had been throwing up all night. I had contacted Hannah's 24/7 line the night before and was told to cut off food for the night and bring her in in the morning. I was sent promptly to an exam room by the wonderful people at the front desk. Will came and examined Pepper who was as scared as I was. He collected all the information that I had and went to set up Pepper's kennel as I said goodbye. Will came back and assured me that this was the best place for Pepper now.

I called Hannah multiple times that day to check on Pepper's condition and every time I spoke with Will, which made my experience even better knowing that she was being taken care of by the same person all day. I was told that I could come back and pick up Pepper that night.

When I got there to pick up Pepper I was again taken back to an exam room right way and Pepper's doctor came in and explained everything to me. Dr. Anderson informed me of all the treatment that Pepper had received today, as well as further instructions on how to take care of her for the next few days.

Will brought Pepper back in the room who was more then excited to see me than I believe I was to see her. I was glad to hear that she was taken on many walks as well as receiving cuddles from the ladies at the front desk.

All I can say is that I'm happy to have Hannah and I don't know what I would've done today if I didn't. Thanks Will and Dr. Anderson!!!  


Emily S.   Portland, OR

  • 5.0 star rating


I have had my 6 cats and 1 dog on Hannah for over 3.5 years.  They have all got good care.

I carefully priced pet insurance and the cost of food and found Hannah's  monthly fees reasonable.   Two of my pets did not qualify for pet insurance one because of her age and one because she had bladder stones in the past but Hannah covered them both.  

My cat Stella (the one who had bladder stones) began going to the bathroom in places outside of her litter pan.  This had been going on for several years before she became a Hannah Cat.

I had taken her to  five different Vets and a Behavior pet person but nothing worked.  Two of the Vets told me to  put her outside because nothing could help her.   That I would not consider. 

Dr Tripp spent several hours with both Stella and me setting up a Behavioral program and ordering medication to help  her with her physical  problems. He is the only Vet who seemed to figure out the she had Physical problems that were causing  her behavior problems.  It was hard work and took several months but  now she is using her litter pan most of the time.  If she  slips and  doesn't  go in the litter pan I know what to do to get her back on track.

She does need to  take medication and likely will need to for the rest of her life but, because she is a Hannah pet I don't need to worry about the cost.   Medication is covered by Hannah!  

She is a happier calmer cat and that is what really matters to me.  I am so glad that we met Dr Tripp I have learned so much from him and he has changed Stella's life for the better.!

Elayne D.  Sherwood, OR

5.0 star rating


Hannah has been the best experience in owning a pet as precious as Oh Darwin ! He is my Love Fur Baby and is so well cared for and love by myself and the whole Hannah family ! 

I highly recommend this for your fur baby too ! The more you know and understand the awesomeness can begin !!!!!  

Mary W.  Portland, OR


My Boston Terrier, Moose, and I have been members since 2011. After I tragically lost a pet a few years before I decided that my next buddy would definitely have health insurance. Hannah was nearly brand new at the time. I have stuck with them through their highs and lows and have always received wonderful service.

I am astounded because I have never seen or been treated the way other people have described. Never. They can be a bit disorganized and I have had longer than expected waiting times for appointments, but they are always apologetic and always treat Moose with love and care.

As far as claiming they are a scam or that they don't go the extra length to provide the best service to their pets -- Moose is living proof that this is absolutely untrue. 

Here's why:

As I mentioned earlier, Moose is a Boston Terrier. He is crazy about his ball and loves to play fetch. This year alone he has been to the vet 3 or 4 times because he has torn nails from his paws. Every single time, Hannah takes him in to remove the nail, bandage him up, provide him with antibiotics and pain medicine to get him through.
Moose started to have a problem with incontinence. 

Hannah diagnosed it as being neurological and started a care plan for him and provided him with, what I would assume, is an expensive medication. We occasionally wean him from this medication to see if the problem has resolved itself, not because they didn't want to continue paying for the medication but because it is best for him to not have to take it. They have talked about this treatment becoming a life-long plan for Moose and have never once feigned concern that they would be forced to provide this medication for him for the remainder of his life.

During one of his examinations, a technician mentioned that she heard Moose might have a heart murmur. We rescheduled for him to been seen by a vet. She suggested X-rays. Then she recommended an echocardiogram. SHE suggested and ECHOCARDIOGRAM. Does anyone have any idea what that costs? Let me tell you that it is absolutely not a cheap procedure.

All of these expensive tests done at the recommendation of THEM!! They didn't have to do any of that. I understand they have a bottom line to be concerned about but they haven't made that my problem. They could have easily mentioned the murmur and convinced me that it wasn't a big deal, leaving it a total mystery to me until Moose one day died. But they didn't. They went the extra length.
And, for those who are wondering -- it turns out that Moose's heart is fine. Yay!

This was just what happened in 2016. Imagine all of the services they have provided to us since 2011. I have several times joked with friends that if it wasn't for Hannah, Moose's medical expenses would have us living in our car. He would have bankrupted me by now.

I have referred several friends to Hannah and we are all very happy with our decisions to do so.

And I would have given 5 stars but their continued disorganization and that they still deliver the food in large plastic bags is the reason they get 4 stars. Please stop with the plastic bags.

Leslie E.  Leslie E.   Portland, OR

    5.0 star rating


    I have been a Hannah member since they started and It is on of the best decision I have ever made. 

    Everyone has been so wonderful with me and my dogs. I have a rotti/ german mix & great dane and they have their issues from skin problems to hip to tummy issues. 

    Hannah has been a life saver. we were signed up with Banfield & just for flea treatment it would cost me 60 bucks a month for just my great dane and then you have food cost, its just way too expensive. 

    Hannah has been a life saveR & money saver for both dogs we spend 200 a month and we get everything & anything. I would highly recommend them to anyone & everyone.

    Keep up the good work. You guys are awesome1

    Tracy H, Portland, OR
    5.0 star rating

    We have a cat and three dogs signed up with Hannah The Pet Society...We have been members for over 2 years now...Since this is a new model of pet care we wanted to test the service in the beginning...the preventative care is amazing. 

    They don't miss anything and all at no charge including annual teeth cleaning which can be very costly...

    We have had several conditions from a concussion to skin issues and Dr. Anderson has done a very proactive treatment plan with great follow up at the state of the art brand new facility at Washington Square...we are looking forward to their new food line now being produced in house..the food is very healthy and delivered to our door monthy..very convenient...very personal service from the staff and no long waits...wish our M.D. was that prompt...

    We have been very pleased with Hannah and they take away that fear of a catastrophic vet bill we all think and hear about..all covered at no charge.

    Derek and Betty S.
    5.0 star rating

    I love Hannah so far! But more so after yesterday when my puppy ate a dog tag, wires of some sort, and a big ball of hair! I took him into Hannah on an emergency basis.

    He had an x-ray, medicine, emergency visit.. all would have cost me close to $800! I walked out without paying, or a new bill on the way - Just my monthly membership fee! 

    The vet, Dr. Anderson, was amazing, professional, and understanding. The vet assistants took such good care of our Koba (thank you, girls)!  I am so grateful for everything Hannah has provided! Thank you, thank you!

    Monica B.  Gaston, OR
    Photo of Hannah the Pet Society - Tigard, OR, United States