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Updated April 18 2017

Call or Text Susan Tripp at 503-457-8287 or email HannahPetFriends@gmail.com if you would like to speak to any of these Hannah Pet Friends about their experiences with Hannah Membership.

The "Tail" of 2 Pit Bulls

by Tracey Valenzuela

I checked around for insurance for girl Tasha. They were very expensive and didn't cover everything, there were a lot of copays involved. After speaking with a Hannah rep I found it was the best way to go.

I found out Tasha, my 8 year old, needed surgery on her leg 2 years ago. A very expensive surgery. Not being able to pay for the surgery I was getting ready to make the very hard decision to put her down. I heard about Hannah from a coworker. I went in and talked to them explained the situation and they said they could help me. We gave it some thought for a few weeks went back in and signed up. Within a couple of months Tasha had her surgery. It was a very rough recovery only because we live in an upstairs apartment. It didn't matter what time of day, If I had a question they were there. About a month ago she was in a lot of pain. Again getting ready to make that decision because we didn't know what was wrong, Hannah took the time to run tests and do what they could to find the source of her pain. She has 2 slipped disks in her back. With pain management she is doing great and playing with our 6 month old pit bull. She just celebrated her 8th birthday. Without Hannah not sure she would have.

Chica Rose, where to start with this girl. She is a beautiful 6 month old pit bull. Her first check up with Hannah was Nov. 28th. Since then I have no idea how many times she has been in there because of all the crazy stuff she has gotten into. She has ate so many things that she shouldn't have. If wasn't for Hannah there would have been a or stress, worry, and waiting to see what's going to happen. With Hannah I was able to take her right in and have her likes at to make sure everything was ok. I don't have to give it a second thought when it comes to the health this little girl. She goes to training classes every week, I could not afford that without Hannah. Hannah makes it so simple to care for an animals health.

I have recommended Hannah to several friends and they feel the same way I do about it. It's amazing. Tasha and Chica are very important to me. Being able to take care of them and keep them in good health is so simple and worry free with Hannah. Everyone at Hannah has always treated me and my girls with great respect and I feel they love my girls and care about their health as much as I do. 

Why I love Hannah with all my heart

by  Suzanne Miller

Thank you for posting Coopers' picture...and mine. There was so much more I wanted to say. I lost my Maltese after 14 years of pure joy. I spent almost $30, 000 on surgeries and specialists . After he died I knew I could not have another dog and offer the care that all animals deserve. I could hardly afford myself. And then a miracle came. I found out about Hannah. My Cooper, who is the 2nd love of my life, came into my life when he was 8 mo old. My little Frankie also came to me at 8 mo old.  Hannah manages Coopers medical issues in a thorough, kind way. Having 30 years of critical care nursing, including management has given me medical knowledge and the ability to observe and research any treatment Cooper gets. There has not been any question in my mind that the care quality actually exceeds all the vets and clinics I took my Frankie to. I have to say the nutrition (organic), the classes given weekly by a professional trainer who helps the dogs have the happiness they deserve and Dr Tripp who specializes in difficult behavior problems (and is quite famous I have come to find out), Hannah has given me such a gift. Thank you Susan for everything and I would like to "give back" to Hannah in anyway possible. Suzanne

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We could have saved $10K with Hannah

by Alice and Howard Shapiro

Coquette was born over 12 years ago around the corner from where we lived on the Oregon coast. Years later, when Coquette was about seven years old and we had moved to Portland we took her to a block party where she got into something when we weren't looking. A few days later we knew she wasn't feeling well. We took her to our regular vet who took an x-ray and told us to take her to the emergency hospital right away. She was given an incision from sternum to pubis to remove 5 pieces of corn cob, a couple of which were over 2 inches long.  This is amazing for a 45 pound dog--we don't know how she was even able to ingest all of those pieces! The surgery cost us $5000 but Coquette is our baby and we couldn't consider not having the surgery. A few years later, Coquette ate some bulbs in the garden that lead us back to an emergency surgery and another $5000 dollars.

Our kids were on Hannah but we thought you had to get a dog from Hannah to be on the plan. When we learned that was not the case, we joined. It has been the best decision we have made for Coquette. We can bring her in for an exam any time. The doctors always initiate what testing they want to do.  Dr. Ron and Dr. Hoefert are great doctors. 

We are on Kaiser's plan and feel Hannah is Kaiser for pets. We just wish we had joined Hannah sooner and saved $10,000. We highly recommend Hannah to others. 

Today, we brought Coquette in for grooming and before we left they asked the medical team give her a check-up. Hannah's new groomer, coincidentally named Hannah, asked all the right questions when we brought her in today. She is leaving with a beautiful haircut and a recommendation for a teeth cleaning - which is covered by Hannah!  Dog and humans leave very happy and not depleted of money!

Giving Blitz and Dixie the longest life possible with Hannah!

by Jennifer Nelson Gantner

In 2013, I met my husband. I had two senior cats (both 13) and he had a 3 year old boxer. After we moved in together, we realized that our dog Blitz started having serious skin and allergy issues. On top of that, my male cat Dewey was having urinary issues (something he has had before), but this time it was worse. We were spending a ton of money for both animals and I was getting worried that it was going to get to a point where I would have to make a decision about Dewey because of cost. And I was right. In September 2013 his urinary issues became severe and he had a blockage that only surgery could possibly fix and even then, it wasn’t guaranteed. They quoted me about $2000, but that was only a rough estimate. Dewey was 13 years and had lived a long, wonderful life. I had to make a heartbreaking decision to put him down so he wouldn’t be in pain anymore. I was devastated.

The very next month, after hearing about Hannah from a friend, we set up a meeting to check it out and find out whether it would be a good fit for us. It was the best decision we have ever made for our pets. We signed both our dog Blitz and our cat Dixie (Dewey’s sister) up for the program. Blitz had the pre-existing skin/allergy condition, but the monthly cost they quoted us was still affordable. That amount has never gone up.

In the three years we’ve been with Hannah, we have had multiple instances of emergency or serious care for both our pets. Blitz developed a tumor that turned out to have cancer cells within it. Luckily Dr. Ron and the amazing team at Hannah were able to remove it and saved Blitz from the cancer spreading. He is completely cancer free to this day and money was never an issue or a worry. He still has his ongoing skin issues, but he is on medication and gets checked out regularly. Something we would never be able to afford without Hannah. Dixie is now a 16 year old cat with kidney issues. But with Hannah’s wonderful care, you would never know it! She seems healthy and happy and I know it’s only a quick phone call if I am worried about anything.

It is a priceless feeling to know that my pets (which are like my children) are being taken care of without a worry of cost, regardless of what might come up in the future. Every staff member from receptionists to techs to the doctors, it is clear that they are animal lovers and truly care about Hannah members and their pets. I feel like family when I am there. And specifically, I want to acknowledge Dr. Ron and how he has gone above and beyond for both my pets in the past.

I am a proud Hannah member and I am always spreading the word to anyone that has pets or is even thinking about getting one. I will continue to advocate for Hannah and am looking forward to getting more involved so I can only help even more.

No Worry About cost...just focused on care.

by Sunny Welker

Thank you Hannah for your emergency care!  Just took Frankie to the Washington Square location because she's been bitten by something. The staff was quick and professional and helpful. Waiting on news but I know she's in good hands. This right here...is why I am happy to pay my membership each month. No worry about cost...just focused on care.   

Curing Orchid’s pneumonia without any concerns for cost thanks to Hannnah!

by Beth Adamczyk

We wanted to adopt a dog but were very concerned with cost. Not only health care but medication,
etc. I was very intrigued with the TLC (total lifetime care) plan. When we went to Hannah, we were greeted by knowledgeable employees that cared for animals! They took the time to discuss our needs and find us the perfect pet.

When Orchid was younger, she got pneumonia. She got exemplary care! We brought her in many times for care, x-rays, and nebulizer treatments.  They allowed me to be with her always and when she stayed overnight, I was called many times with updates.  I cannot even imagine the cost if we weren’t with Hannah. Here we are proudly showing our Hannah Pet Friends' Name tags at the group's kick off dinner in November 2016. See www.HannahPetFriends.org for more info and to join this group.

Hannah is a blessing!  I am so thankful for them.

Making Molly’s vet care and training affordable when I needed it the most. Thank you Hannah!

by Alicia Ackerman

Previous surgery cost over $2000 even with Pet insurance.  After a divorce, my finances were drastically limited. If Molly has any issues again (like my last Rottweiler who needed 2 knee surgeries), I wouldn’t be able to afford it. 

I also want her to get her Canine Good Citizen certification and therapy dog training.

Hannah is always there for all of my Pets!

by Gloria Spearce

We had several large dogs who we had to put down on the same day due to severe health issues. Three weeks later at the Clackamas Mall, our corgi Sasha hopped into our lives.
Three months later, our little 3lb doxie named Hugs came into our lives. We started puppy classes with Sasha. We had obedience, nose training, therapy training and passed the two American Kennel Club (AKC) tests. 

Then Davey, our yorkie who is 10 years old came into our lives. We had spent over $650 getting dental work and shots updated as he was not supposed to stay with us.  But he did stay. So he became a Hannah dog. 

This February, my cousin died and I promised I would take care of her Jack Russell named Sadie.  Sadie is 10 years old. So, she became a Hannah dog.

Penny was our special Doxie who was almost 15 years old. She had toes broken and a big hole in her side. All these would happen on a weekend or holiday or at night. Hannah was always there to take care of her or pick her up to bring her back from the hospital. We would not have had her for her life if not for Hannah. Dr. Tripp and all of Penny’s favorite vet techs were with us as she passed over the rainbow bridge. We love you Hannah.

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From a healthcare professional’s perspective, I believe the Hannah model is the future of vet care!

by Cindi Goode

My pet died and I ended up in debt with traditional vet care.  I retired after 35 years as a registered nurse. From a healthcare professional’s perspective, I believe the Hannah model is the future of vet care

1.       I can catch illnesses early and treat early so pets live longer.
2.       Prevention care also helps pets live longer and healthier.
3.       Frequent diagnostic tests and medications for comfort help senior pets live a better and longer life.
4.       Behavior consultations help reduce pet frustrations for pets and pet parents.
5.       Training is great mental stimulation and so helpful to pet parents.

Hannah is ensuring the longest life for my perfect dog Toto! 

by Johanny Jacobsen

I heard about Hannah on the radio. The TLC (total lifetime care) sounded great for Toto who was 10 years old. Toto is my perfect dog. He gets along with other dogs at the dog park. He has an incredible vocabulary. He’s sensitive to my emotions and was a best friend to my daughter.

Toto has been on the TLC now for 4 years. He has a heart murmur, dental, kidney and liver problems. He gets checked regularly and all his medications are included. I want Toto to live the longest and best life possible and can’t imagine how I would care for him without Hannah. 

Before Hannah, Toto’s regular periodontal problems cost hundreds of dollars. With the continually x-rays, ultrasounds, blood tests, anesthesia costs, I was worried about how I could afford to keeping him in pristine health and comfort without breaking my budget. Toto is a happy dog who at 14 ½ plays, goes for walks, eats well, and acts like a puppy he’s always been.

I believe Hannah is an important, alternative model. America is all about creating choices. Nothing like Hannah is on the market. I was Hannah to succeed and grow. 

Hannah takes care of it all for Slash, Sambra and Pingo! 

by Cecy Rodriquez-Marin

There was a Mexican who wanted a pet. She kept listening to Hannah ads on the radio.  After months, she convinced her best friend to get a puppy. She spent weeks looking for the right puppy. They wanted a husky puppy. And that’s how Slash came to be part of the family.  And Cecy called Hannah and enrolled Slash. Slash loved Hannah’s food and puppy classes. After a year, Sambra the cat joined the family, and then Pingo (husky two). 

We go to classes as much as possible and Slash is working to earn his American Kennel Club (AKC) Canine Good Citizen certification.  I love Hannah…

Slash got stung by something once.  Hannah took care of it.  She had worms.  Hannah took care of them.  She had a swollen lip. Hannah took care of it.  Now Pingo has a bald spot. I’ll drop him off at 6 am and Hannah will take care of it.  Also, I love the socializing events!

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I am so grateful that Hannah is here!

by Martin & Peggy Schuurmans

After the passing of a previous dog, it took a while for me to decide to even consider getting another Pet. Since I work at Clackamas Town Center, I would walk by Hannah & I noticed the innovative concept.  Then, one day, I walked by and saw Sydney, an Australian shepherd puppy. It was love at first sight!  I ended up becoming Sydney’s Pet Parent. 

I am so grateful that Hannah is here. I am so comforted in knowing that he will have the best possible life and that the worry of high veterinary bills will never prevent him from getting the care that he needs.

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Great support for Bentley’s catastrophic health issues and for Hannah Boy Finley!

by Shelly Wright

Our first dog with Hannah was a beautiful young adult golden retriever boy named Bentley. When he developed catastrophic health issues at an early age, the support from Hannah was wonderful!!

After Bentley’s short life, we added Finley to our family despite the fact that the adoption agreement that we signed specified that he not be a Hannah Pet. No way!  He’s most certainly a Hannah Boy!! 

At eight years old, of course he needed Hannah!

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When Bella had a camping trip emergency, it was encouraging and calming to know help was available 24 hours/day!

by Susan Gould

We were camping in Sweethome (102 miles from our home). Bella had been sneezing all day. The sneezing was worse late Saturday night. Then she sneezed blood! She felt like she had a fever as well.  As her Mom, I panicked, called Hannah’s emergency number. (The main number actually goes to the emergency line.) We were told the emergency vet was at Tanasbourne and they were advised we would be bringing Bella in, a one hour and 45 minute drive. They saw her right away. Staff was wonderful even at 1 a.m. After Bella’s examination, we were given meds and told to see her Hannah vet on Monday.

It was encouraging and calming to know help was available 24 hours/day.

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Flyer to the rescue for my autistic daughter Amy! 

by Debbie Menenberg

My daughter Amy was having yet another meltdown.  I was exhausted. Going to the mall was more anxiety provoking than enjoyable. Amy is autistic. She is 30 years old.  We were walking towards the mall exit.  I couldn’t go fast enough but Amy stopped and stared at the Hannah storefront. “Can I have a dog?” she said.  “Dog?” I said.

I thought I might just have a meltdown myself. I hadn’t had a dog in my adult life.  I thought I

would get bit, be knocked over, jumped on or growled at. There was no way I was getting her a dog.

Amy stopped whining, looked up at me and quietly stated, “You are a special education teacher. You should know that dogs can be therapy dogs.”  I blurted, “And, heaven knows you could use therapy.”

So we walked into Hannah.  A young woman showed us pictures on the computer of dogs we could adopt.  She asked why we wanted a dog. She said she knew just the right kind of dog for Amy.

The next thing I knew, Amy stared at a photo of a Golden Retriever pup with a scarf on his neck. His name was Flyer. Amy exclaimed, “Flyer is a stylist dog. He’s my dog.”  We joined Hannah!

A few weeks later, we sat in the waiting room. A young aide carried 2 month old Flyer into the room. He jumped out of her arms and raced to Amy.  He immediately jumped into Amy’s arms forever. (That is not all of my story.)

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Hannah’s has taken such great care of Molly's multiple issues with her eyes and helped make her comfortable.

by Roxanne Dempster-Johnson

I came to Hannah after hearing the ads on the radio.  I have a friend Beth Daniels.  She and her family adopted a dog through Hannah. After talking to her family about it, I decided to get information from Hannah.  My Molly is a toy Australian Shepherd who we rescued from a farm. She has had multiple issues with her eyes (cataracts, detached retina, etc.) Hannah’s has taken such great care of her and helped make her comfortable.

Hannah has been great for puppy classes and Jerry’s impromptu vet visits

by Courtney Lovell

My friend, Gloria, introduced me to Hannah. We enrolled our puppy Jerry as soon as we received him. It has been great for puppy classes and impromptu health visits. 

We are lucky not to have had a major health visit but I feel comfort knowing that Hannah is there for me if I need it.

Bailey is now having a great time without fear thanks to Hannah's training classes!

by Linda Helsabeck

I decided to get a dog.  I looked online to see what kind of dog I’m not allergic too. My daughter walking at the Mall saw a cute Shih Tzu at Hannah. She called me right away.  I signed papers the next day. His name was Moe Moe (now Bailey). I fell in love with him right away.  Bailey had so many fears that I couldn’t take him anywhere. 

With Hannah training for Bailey and Bandit, Bailey is now out and about and having a great time!

Fourth time is a charm for Dozer! We feel that we could call or stop by any time for help.

by Deb and Dennis Vigna

We had just lost our 9 year old lab and walked into Hannah’s Clackamas Store to find out what they were all about. We were impressed with the program but weren’t ready to adopt even though
I saw a picture of Dozer and though he was cute.

A few months later, Dozer was up for adoption for the third time. The folks at Clackamas called us and we met Dozer and fell in love…but were hesitant to rehome him for the 4th time. They let us call a trainer to clarify his issues for us. They wanted to make sure this would be his forever home.

Two years later, we are still going to weekly training classes. We’ve had a few medical issues. We’ve gone to events. We feel supported and we feel that we could call or stop by any time for help.

I thought I would get my own opinion, formed with my own research. I learned I am the decision maker for Bingo!

by Tom MacDonald 

My dog got sick!  I had heard a little about an organization called Hannah but had heard they could put your pet down if they wanted to even in you didn’t want to.  I thought I would get my own opinion, formed with my own research. 

So, I went to Hannah with my sick dog, read their contract agreement, talked to the veterinarian and membership people and found not only did everyone I spoke to seem caring and passionate about pets and my dog especially but I learned this would be an amazing organization that would help me take care of Bingo the way I had always hoped I could. 

He is my first dog and I feel so thankful that Hannah healed him, signed me up, and make it all affordable.

Tom is a happier person since he found and became a member of Hannah. 

by Hannah MacDonald

A long time ago (40 years), I fell in love with this dog lover, Tom MacDonald. I am a proud co-partner of Bingo. My Hannah story is that Tom is a happier person since he found and became a member of Hannah.

Takoda swallows a toy whole! I am so thankful for Hannah. My dog is all better. 

by Diana Moxley

I fell in love with a 4 month old King Charles Cavalier.  I had named him before I even got him Takoda meaning, “friend to everyone” which he has proven to be many times over.

Recently, Takoda had eaten a small cat toy, actually not so small. I really can’t imagine how he was able to swallow it. But I watched him do it. I tried to get it out of his mouth but he swallowed it whole!  Well, I was very stressed, very worried. I called Hannah and was told to bring him in which I did. The short of my story is that a week later, two x-rays and 3 visits to Hannah, Takoda passed the toy after being on two medications. My bill would have been so much I probably would have had to rob a bank. 

But thank God for Hannah. I am so thankful for Hannah. My dog is all better.

This is just one of my stories. My dog is my baby my lovemy comfort.

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Watch Diana's Video with Hannah Pet Friends Dee Haislip and Johanny Jacobsen

Jasmine was happy and wonderful until her last day. I will be forever grateful to Hannah. 

by Amber and Tommy Evans

Early 2012, my senior cat, Jasmine, was diagnosed diabetic and a tumor was found.  Our traditional vet gave us a prescription for insulin and sent us on our way giving her a month or so at best. 

We were told about Hannah and went to have her examined. Dr. Tripp was amazing, answering all questions and being supportive.  We signed up the same day.  We were given insulin and supplies, trained on how to give the shots and what to do should she get too much insulin. 

We got her healthy so fast. She lived for over a year and they were good days. For the last 6 months of her life, Hannah saw her every 2 weeks to keep her comfortable and healthy, as the cancer had gotten to a point where nothing could be done.  

Until her last day, she was happy and wonderful. I will be forever grateful to Hannah.

A rocky introduction to our dream puppy Toby. Hannah is the best program anyone could ever hope for.

by Nancy Rorden

We had two previous poodles. When we were ready for another pet, we had heard about Hannah and went to the Clackamas Mall to hear their program.  We liked what we heard, signed up and told the representative what we wanted in a pet, a miniature poodle, about 10 lbs, house broken, silver or apricot colored.

Toby was on his way to an 11 week training course at Spokanimal prison program in Spokane, WA.  Toby came to us on October 13, and he was the sweetest, cutest, apricot colored poodle puppy. Unfortunately, he became very sick. Over several months, he saw a vet 8 times, had 4 x-rays, and a ton of medication. He is now a healthy, happy dog. We paid nothing in addition to our regular monthly fee.

We attend weekly training sessions and are hoping we can train him to be a therapy dog.
Everything we need is included in our fee. Food is delivered to our home. We can see a vet frequently after a class when needed for minor things.

For us, Hannah is the best pet program anyone could hope for.

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Been a Member for 6 Years Now.

by Denise Priester-Woods

Hannah Society is the best! I've had them for 6 years and so thankful for their program and support!

I am still paying off this debt and wouldn't take on another pet without the affordable care that Hannah provides.

by April Schnieder

My good friend Gloria introduced me to Hannah. Our next animal will definitely be a Hannah dog. I now take care of one of her Hannah dogs due to it starting to be too aggressive to a new dog in the home. She and I co-parent her, and she is doing very well. She just needed to be my “only” dog. 

We both love her to pieces and she will be loved forever.

Three years ago my 10 year old corgi became very ill, very fast. I took her to her regular vet and they couldn't really tell me what was wrong with her. She was breathing rapidly and couldn't eat. She declined so rapidly that I ended up at Dove Lewis where they had to put her in an oxygen chamber. The next day, she was so distressed that they had to put a tube in her nose for the oxygen. By this time, I'm already $5000 in debt. It would cost an additional $8000 to $10,000 to put her on a respirator which was her only hope. But they did not think that would save her. I decided the kindest thing for her was to end her suffering even though it would devastate me. I could see how distressed it was for her.

I am still paying off this debt and wouldn't take on another pet without the affordable care that Hannah provides. Hannah seems like the best available option out there.

I have certainty that our kids are taken care of with Hannah!

by Libby Berry

Through Hannah, I have the baby I always wanted. Because of Tink my first Hannah dog, now all four of our babies are safe, loved, and taken care of by Hannah for life. We have literally used every service and even sacrificed time with our mother who joined the Hannah team. 

Hernias, skin allergies, gastroenteritis and cancer scares aren’t quite so scary any more.

We are there on training class days and even go in on my mother’s day off. I know with all certainty that our kids are taken care of.

No more animals lost to poor care and high bills thanks to Hannah!

by Adele Cannard

I grew up very low income. We lost animals to poor care and high bills. I know so many could have been saved.  We got a small dachshund Tink from the old Placement plan and now have all four of our animals on the best care that I can imagine.

Hannah has literally saved me and Mikey.

by Christine Davis

About five years ago in June my friends helped me get an apartment in Tigard after a bad stretch in my life. About a month later my friends called and asked if I wanted to check out a cat that they had. They brought Mikey over. He was talkative, loving, fun and affectionate. The first few days I had him, he hid in a pillow case but we have had a great relationship since then. The Winter after I got Mikey came with a big snow storm. Mikey got fleas and they were chewing him up terribly. My friends took me to pet hospital near by. I learned Mikey was allergic to fleas, to treatments and had skin allergies. He also needed a cortisone shot. The cost for the visit was $350 and I sadly thought I might not be able to keep Mikey. It was breaking my heart. I had heard about Hannah but thought it sounded too good to be true. But I thought I have to try it. I can’t lose Mikey. I called.They explained things. I began paying $45/month even with his skin allergies and periodic injections. His food is delivered. I can bring him in any time for a check up or anything else and the cost does not change. He also gets nail trims. I am on a fixed income. There is no way I could afford Mikey. Hannah has literally saved me and Mikey. I just think Hannah is the most awesome thing. I appreciate it so much. I am able to keep my little buddy for good because of Hannah.

Daisy has 2 knees replaced by an expert surgeon! Thank you, Hannah!

by Samantha Stuart 

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5.0 star rating

We have had nothing but good experiences with Hannah (member since 1/15).  We have taken our french bulldog there for veterinary care and for the obedience classes. Yesterday our dog had some stomach discomfort. We took her in, they took some x-rays (to make sure she hadn't eaten a random Christmas decoration) and concluded it was gastritis.  We were given a prescription medicine and prescription dog food and were back on our way within an hour.

5.0 star rating
  We've never had anything but excellent care for both our dogs here at Hannah, and tonight was no different. Our vet tech, Chelsey, was friendly and so patient with us and our dogs. I think the mark of a great vet or vet tech is when they are nice to you but are even nicer to your pets-and that is how everyone here is. From the front desk to the groomer everyone really loves animals here.
Having both our dogs on Hannah means we never have to second guess whether or not to come in when one has a hot spot and the other may have an ear infection. I can't imagine having a pet and not having them as part of Hannah. The peace of mind we get and the care our dogs get far outweighs what we pay each month for their membership.
5.0 star rating
  I have been a Hannah member since October 2015. During that time I have found the location clean and welcoming and the staff friendly and helpful. My 5 stars comes from the care my 2 year old Westie received this month. During the snow and ice storms in early January 2017 I noticed a change in my dog's potty behavior and wondered if she had a bladder infection. I took her in the next day. They ran the test for an UTI (no charge) and, even though she has not had an bladder infection in over a year, they also performed an ultrasound (no charge). They found bladder stones. The vet talked to me for about 15 minutes, explained how they form, risks and suggested surgery to remove them. We had an appointment for the next week and an antibiotic to deal with the current UTI (no charge). After the appointment I researched Bladder Stones on veterinary websites, and found that while there are a couple of treatments the gold standard is surgery with analysis of the stones to be able to modify diet effectively to reduce the chance of reoccurrence. That is what Hannah proposed and carried out as the first round of treatment. No wait and see, no less effective but less expensive alternatives first, just let's get it done right and get your pet well!

On the day of her procedure I spoke to the nurse who would be with my dog during her surgery about timelines and what exactly the vet would be doing. She spent more than 10 minutes with us, answering all questions, reassuring us and interacting with my dog. The nurse called when my dog was in recovery and waking from the anesthesia. She described how it went and again answered questions. They even offered to keep her for observation overight if we were nervous about taking her home. We picked her up and spoke to the nurse again and the vet came in to reintegrate after surgery care instructions. We were given a week of antibiotic, pain and anti inflammatory pills (no charge) at check out and have two follow up appointments scheduled, another ultrasound and a exam by the surgeon.

The AVERAGE cost of treating Bladder Stones is $1,285. I have had sick pets before I came to Hannah and feel that is a conservative estimate. This experience was amazing and I am grateful to be a Hannah member.

5.0 star rating
We have a cat and three dogs signed up with Hannah The Pet Society...We have been members for over 2 years now...Since this is a new model of pet care we wanted to test the service in the beginning...the preventative care is amazing. They don't miss anything and all at no charge including annual teeth cleaning which can be very costly..we have had several conditions from a concussion to skin issues and Dr. Anderson has done a very proactive treatment plan with great follow up at the state of the art brand new facility at Washington Square...we are looking forward to their new food line now being produced in house..the food is very healthy and delivered to our door monthy..very convenient...very personal service from the staff and no long waits...wish our M.D. was that prompt...we have been very pleased with Hannah and they take away that fear of a catastrophic vet bill we all think and hear about..all covered a no charge..
Derek and Betty S.

5.0 star rating
I love Hannah so far! But more so after yesterday when my puppy ate a dog tag, wires of some sort, and a big ball of hair! I took him into Hannah on an emergency basis. He had an x-ray, medicine, emergency visit.. all would have cost me close to $800! I walked out without paying, or a new bill on the way - Just my monthly membership fee! The vet, Dr. Anderson, was amazing, professional, and understanding. The vet assistants took such good care of our Koba (thank you, girls)!  I am so grateful for everything Hannah has provided! Thank you, thank you!
5.0 star rating
 Crystal is an amazing dog trainer!  She has  worked with our dog for awhile now and her depth of knowledge about training animals is amazing.  She is so patient with dogs AND their owners.  We have made amazing progress with our high energy dog this year thanks to Crystal's support and guidance. Thank you Crystal and Hannah the Pet Society for the fantastic help we get with Dozer Dog.
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 Dr. Ron - thank you! For all your efforts and willingness to slow things down for me so I can understand.

Been with this company for a couple years now. I didn't buy or adopt a dog through this company but I did purchase the ... plan and I am so so SO happy that I did. I got my dog at the Oregon Humane Society when he was a year old and then I purchased this ... when he was about two years old. He started showing consistent symptoms that varied from lethargy to puking to shaking etc but they would come and go so I thought it was just a weird bug that would resolve itself. Well, it didn't. I took him in and they immediately took care of everything. He was finally diagnosed with Addison's disease after a couple days at the hospital getting tests done. The entire time I was updated with his status, his test results, etc. It's soooo nice that they have a 24 hour open hospital that has overnight care and constant supervision.

Basically, they really do cover absolutely everything. My dog needs monthly shots and medication - all of that is covered. Anytime he's acting a little strange, I call the 24 hour nurse hotline for advice. Honestly this company gives me the true piece of mind that my pup is completely covered and good to go if anything happens. And tbh, (I'm ashamed) I was really skeptical about this company but time and time again they proved me wrong.

5.0 star rating

Hannah has offered excellent service and vet care for our husky mix over these past two years. This became more important when he started showing signs of epilepsy a few months ago. It is frightening to think what his care and medication would have cost otherwise.

The staff is always friendly, very professional, and have worked hard to help manage my pets condition. Thank you Hannah!
Alan C

5.0 star rating

I love the people at Hannah.  They are friendly and good at what they do.  Every time I bring in my dog, they remind me of why I appreciate them as much as I do. Every appointment and every procedure has been professional and responsible.   I love the people at Hannah.  Steve R.
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Updated review
I am so blessed to be a part of Hannah. Having access to so many wonderful amenities gives me the opportunity to give my pet the BEST care ever. Never having to decide if a procedure can be worked into the budget, I know Hannah has us covered.  Love the vets, who love my dog almost as much as I do.  All care and exams are done with me present and everything explained in full. 24/7 help line gives me so much peace and comfort!  Even when we traveled out of state, Hannah was right there with us. Thank you Hannah for helping me raise and nurture a happy, well behaved dog.

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10/10/2015  Previous review
   I have been so impressed with Hannah! Everything has been wonderful from food delivery to pet care!! I especially love the training courses! Unlimited and they get your pet all the way to CGC (canine good citizen). We have worked with Cindy as our trainer! She has even made herself available on off hours!! She is amazing!! Thank you CINDY!!  We LOVE you!!  Beth L.

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We've been taking our cat and dog to Hannah pet society. They are really a lifesaver when it comes to being able to get the care that is needed for your pet, without having to worry about the financial aspect of it. They are all very friendly, and knowledgeable, and treat our pets like their own. I highly recommend them.   

Amanda D.

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  • 11/19/2016
     We can't say thank you enough to Hannah for their attentive and loving care of our dog Pepper who is 4-1/2 years old.  We brought her in for what we thoughts was the beginning of kennel cough and they were very astute to look a little deeper by doing xrays.  They diagnosed her with collapsing trachea and within 8 days we have seen the doctor three times, prescribed medication and an action plan to help subside some of the symptoms she has.  We cannot thank Dr. Anderson and the staff as well as the Mall 205 docs and team enough for their attention and care for Pepper.  We have discussed many times in the last 8 days how grateful we are as a family to be able to have the capacity to bring Pepper in to Hannah without the worry- and know she is in good hands. Pepper is very precious to us and when she does not feel well- it impacts our entire family... We so appreciate Hannah and feeling like Pepper is in good hands.  Thank you for the great care!  Bleu B.  Overlook, Portland, OR

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I am so grateful for the caring staff and great care my dog, Emmitt receives. This is truly a blessing for our family.  My buddy Emmitt has bone cancer and I  know I could not afford his care at another vet. The staff is awesome and caring with Emmitt.  Thanks to all the staff and Dr Anderson for caring for Emmitt!
Jael J.  Portland, OR  31 friends
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I've read through a lot of these reviews and I'm surprised and I feel compelled to share my experience thus far with Hannah the Pet Society (HPS - because I don't want to write that out for the rest of this review). I've been a member of HPS for approximately a year now. My little Shiba Inu (I say little - she's a rescue and I guess she's about 8 years old) has had urinary issue for a good portion of that time. I'll admit I was frustrated that she wasn't getting better but HPS never gave up. The staff there tried a few different options before resorting to surgery. I liked that because I get very annoyed when doctor (whether a veterinarian or not) rushes to cut someone open. I would prefer some other options and make surgery the last resort unless of course it's life threatening. Well unfortunately for little pup, she had to have surgery. They got her within a day of determining that's what she would have to have in order to relieve her of her issue (bladder stone). They brought her in. They bathed her. They spoiled her a little bit before putting her under. Then they removed her stone. Instead of calling me right away and telling me to come pick her up. They kept her and observed her. And only until they felt like they were comfortable with her leaving did they call. When I came to pick her up, when I walked in, they knew exactly who I was and who my pet was without me even telling them. They brought her to me but spent almost 45 minutes talking about what to expect and how to care for her (post-op care). They gave her special food and explained to me that she would be prone to stones in the future and how to avoid her getting more in the future. I felt like they attended me as well as they attended her. My wait time was kept to a minimum. They even carried her bag of food to the car for me.

My experience with HPS has always been positive. When I signed up, I felt well informed about how they "take ownership" of the pet. Actually, I felt like they explained it to me so many time that they felt like I wasn't getting it. But I was and there was nothing clandestine. Do I like the thought of having a fee for cancelling my membership? No... but I don't think it's outside of the realm of normal. Especially for the quality and quantity of service they provide. I look at it like the HMO version of pet care. I don't love HMOs... but if something wasn't handled well, I would know who to go to and what to do to make sure I was being properly treated. I have always been treated with respect and so has my little pup.

Even the Chief of Staff took time out of her busy schedule to check in on me and my Shiba. She set expectations about the post-op care. Again, I felt like I was provided great service. I do understand that there are complaints and concerns. I can't speak to the level of service and care of anyone else or their pet - I just want to make sure that HPS and others out there know that I have had a great experience and hope that continues. I think HPS saved my little pup's life and I'm not broke because of it (as in I would have spent over $4,000 elsewhere and I think in premiums I have spent less than $700) . Thank you Hannah the Pet Society!
5.0 star rating
We have been members since Hannah started 4 years ago. We got our corgi, Corman, through Hannah and have had him since he was 8 weeks old. I cannot say anything bad about this place. We have had Corman in classes for a while now and Allyson is a wonderful trainer (so were Chris and Justin!)! Yes, there have been growing pains but that comes with any rapidly growing company. I love that they finally got the phone system worked out; it's improving every day. We're gearing up to get Corman ready for the CGC certification, and with Allyson's help I know we will eventually get there! We're Hannah fans for life!

5.0 star rating
I have been a Hannah member since they started and It is on of the best decision I have ever made. Everyone has been so wonderful with me and my dogs. I have a rotti/ german mix & great dane and they have their issues from skin problems to hip to tummy issues. Hannah has been a life saver. we were signed up with banfield & just for flea treatment it would cost me 60 bucks a month for just my great dane  and then you have food cost, its just way too expensive. Hannah has been a life save & money saver for both dogs we spend 200 a month and we get everything & anything. I would highly recommend them to anyone & everyone.

keep up the good work. you guys are awesome