Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Pet Happiness

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Is Your Pet Living the Happiest Life Possible?
We love our Pets and do our best to help them learn and thrive in our families. But sometimes they seem stressed or we feel stressed by what they do or do not do.  
We treat our dogs like family but when it comes to learning, they are still another species. We think we are teaching them but they are confused and frustrated.
Learn how to increase the love and joy you share with your Pet. 
  • Avoid surprise bills and high cost Pet behavior and health care.
  • Help your Pets live the healthiest, longest, happiest lives possible!
  • Get a Free Dog Behavior and One Free Consultation.
What Pet lovers are saying ...
"When I adopted Rusty as an older dog, I could not take him many places because he had a lot of issues with other dogs and some people. Rusty is so much happier now that I know how to help him. He comes to work and to most places with me because he knows how to show his best self!"
JP, Portland
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Thank you Hannah Pet Friends!

Monday, November 7, 2016

Hannah Pet Friends Kick Off Dinner






Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Pet Advocacy Group

Pet Insurance plans say, "if your vet recommends it, we cover it. All injuries and unexpected illnesses, chronic and hereditary conditions, everything from Arthritis to Zinc poisoning.* learn more easy paperless claims. Submit claims right from your vet’s office using the Petplan App."Using the Petplan App, Healey's Petplan is $181.93/month with deductibles and exclusions. No wellness care or behavior services included.
COMPARE: Healey's Hannah plan is $70/month, for 24 hour veterinary and behavior services. NO exclusions, NO deductibles, Prescriptions included. 10% to 50% discounted retail, grooming, boarding and premium food that includes delivery. 

I welcome your calls or text questions at 503-457-8287 or email me at HannahPetFriends@gmail.com.

I want my Healey to live the healthiest, longest, happiest life possible. Hannah gives me the peace of mind that he can. See more at www.HannahPetFriends.org

Welcome to Hannah the Pet Society Portland Vet CareCall 503-457-8287 to learn more about a Free, No Obligation Pet Behavior and Physical Exam, Facility Tour, and your Pet's low fixed monthly pricing. Most pre-existing conditions are accepted. MOST AFFORDABLE Pet care plan available. ONLY plan that includes 24 hour ALL Veterinary Services, Prescriptions, Pet Behavior and Training services. 1 year old dog pricing starts at $59/mo. and 1 year old cat at $29/mo.